Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), Due Diligence Lawyer

M&A, Due Diligence Lawyer – We are a full-fledged corporate law firm in Malaysia which has wide range of experience in undertaking corporate M&A (mergers & acquisitions), legal due diligence which includes :

  • acquisition or disposal of business, assets and undertakings effected through sale and purchase of shares in company or direct purchase of assets, businesses and undertakings. Our law firm will be involved from the expression of interest stage, conducting due diligence and negotiation of transactional agreement.
  • privatisation of listed company whether by way of general offer, scheme of arrangement or voluntary delisting;
  • advising on mandatory or voluntary general offer pursuant to Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, Malaysian Code on Take-Overs and Mergers 2016 and Rules on Take-Overs, Mergers and Compulsory Acquisitions 2016;
  • mergers pursuant to Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 for securities companies,
  • merger pursuant to Financial Services Act 2013 for banking and insurance businesses;
  • merger and/or amalgamation pursuant to scheme of arrangement for other companies whether public listed and private companies incorporated in Malaysia.

WHO DO WE ACT FOR – Due Diligence Lawyer for Start-ups, SME, PLC

Our corporate law firm acts for a variety of clients ranging from start-ups, small & medium enterprises (SME) and large enterprises comprising public listed companies (PLC) or multinational companies (MNC).

For start-ups, we assist them in putting in place the desired shareholdings and management structure through shareholders agreements as well as protecting the interest of the start-ups when seeking fundraising from investors.
We understand that some start-ups are cost conscious and therefore we keep our costs low whenever possible by adopting technology in order for a boutique corporate law firm like us to offer quality legal solutions at affordable prices.

Most SME are looking for growth potential. For SME, we offer them our expertise in buying and selling businesses, fund raising for businesses, and for those SME that meet the qualification, initial public offerings. Some SME engage us as their retainer counsel to advise them on their day-to-day legal issues. Depending on your needs, our corporate law firm offers customised retainer solutions to meet your commercial needs.

For larger corporations, some may have in-house counsel and we are engaged by these large corporations to work hand-in-hand with the in-house counsel or independently, in larger and complex projects. Big and reputable corporations which are listed on either on Hong Kong Stock Exchange or Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad retain our corporate law firm as their retainer counsel to advise them on legal issues pertaining to due diligence, employment, compliance with Listing Requirements and other securities laws.

LEGAL PROCESS – Role of Due Diligence Lawyer in M&A

For acquisitions matters, our corporate law firm will be heavily involved from offering stage and give legal advice on the structure of the deal and conducting legal due diligence, negotiating and drafting transactional agreement, giving legal advice during the completion stage and post-completion stage such as compliance with completion documents and matters as well as calculation of price adjustments.

For disposal matters, we advise our clients on how to deal with due diligence questionnaire and disclosure letters as well as ensuring that confidential information of our clients are secured in the event the project is aborted. As a corporate law firm, we understand that the interest of our clients is of utmost importance and we understand the need to balance between the legal interest of our client while at the same time taking into account commercial interest of our clients by offering practical solutions to issues arising the course of acting as the legal counsel for mergers and acquisitions matters.

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